Twisting Fish supports a group of independent teachers, who work together as a community. Each teacher  bring's  their own unique approach, sharing their personal experience and wisdom of yoga. This helps not only the students to grow in their practise but also their fellow community of teachers. Every  teacher at the studio has a minimum of ten years teaching experience and some up to 40 years. With this community of teachers sharing their wisdom and yoga paths amongst themselves, it allow's an extensive depth of knowledge to be transferred for students to learn and grow their practise from.

As experienced teachers, we understand that yoga is practised by students for many different reasons, depending on where you are at in your yoga journey at this present time in your life. Some practise to have set time’s in their week where they can retreat de-stress and have some personal time. Others practise to bring more pleasure and joy into their lives and for some some it is to strengthen and to make the physical body more flexible. For others it can be to awaken to the more subtle aspects of yoga and to live a more spiritual life.

Fortunately at the fish we have teachers with many years of experience (most of our teachers have been teaching between 10 and 45 years) in many different styles of yoga, allowing a sharing of embodied Knowledge/Wisdom/Experience. This means we can offer classes and teachings across the full spectrum of yoga, encompassing from the Gross Physical Layers to the Subtle Energetic Layers that our experience as a human being is made up of.

Matthew Exley
Principal Teacher & Founder

Matthew is the principal teacher and founder of the Twisting Fish yoga studio.

Finding the practice of yoga in 1992 was the life change that Matthew had been searching for. His experience began in Iyengar yoga where he practiced and trained for several years , and completed a two-year teacher-training course.

Later, he was introduced to the vinyasa system of Ashtanga yoga, which he practiced and trained for several years under the guidance of some of the worlds leading Ashtanga yoga teachers. This eventually developed into Matthew interest in learning, practising and training in various Vinyasa methods over the years. Although Matthew's yoga practise still encompasses the aspects of some of the more modern yoga methods of vinyasa, the core of his practise, training and studying is in the more traditional ancient practise of Kriya yoga.

Having spent many years in training, teaching and  practising different styles of yoga, it has given Matthew a healthy perspective on different approaches that in the end all lead to the same path of eventually awakening us to our highest human potential. This enables him to understand and work with students on many different levels of where they are in their yoga journey.  He has also had the good fortune of teaching in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia, creating a wealth of knowledge and experience. Through his teaching Matthew wishes to share the knowledge of what he has learnt from his teachers and his own experience of this truly magnificent practice of the life of yoga. In Matthew's classes, you will move from a base of Kriya Yoga connecting you to a deeper subtle experience of a traditional yoga practise. Matthew teaches classes of Kriya yoga and also vinyasa.He has also found from his own personal practice that a combination between the subtle aspects of Kriya and the more gross aspects of slower Vinyasa movements also leads one to a calmer present mind  and a cleaner body,  All these practises help to facilitate stillness in the mind and body, allowing the witnessing consciousness , the part of you that is always watching to come forward which is the awareness needed for the dimension of yoga to open up. "Through surrender to our breath, our mind and body is transcended and what remains is the true essence of our practise”.

Matthew is a yoga alliance registered teacher. 

Helen Heppingstone